Updated Process for Visiting Starlight Ultrasound


Important information updated with effect from 3rd May 2022 until further notice. Please note this remains subject to change according to official guidance and may do so at short notice.

If you have not yet booked an appointment you may do so online or by calling us.

Please arrive for your appointment promptly and ideally at least five minutes earlier, allowing time to find a suitable place to park if arriving by car and locate our premises if visiting us for the first time.

Kindly note we ask all visitors except those with a genuine medical exemption to continue to wear face masks.

If you, any customer or patient or anyone accompanying you / them to an appointment are feeling unwell we ask you to re-arrange your appointment or ask your guest(s) not to attend with you. 

Anyone experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms or any symptoms associated with Covid-19 should NOT attend the clinic and will not be admitted unless they have proof of a negative lateral flow test on the day of the appointment. Even illnesses not associated with Covid-19 pose a risk to our customers so please consider other people if you or anyone with you is or has been unwell.

Visitors to the Bury clinic

Please note there are currently various roadworks on Manchester Road which could delay your journey so please check your route and plan ahead to ensure you arrive on time.

We advise people arriving by car in the first instance to try parking on Crompton Street where the clinic is located and where there are several free parking bays for up to 30 minutes. If you don’t know where we are, please look out for the Starlight sign above a glass-fronted shop.

In addition to parking bays along the main road there are a number of public and private car parks nearby. There is a multi-storey car park at the Mill Gate Shopping Centre and a smaller car park behind Bury Parish Church where you can pay online.

Visitors to the Hale clinic

Please note the correct post code is WA15 9GN and it is recognised by Royal Mail however it may still not be live on all platforms so if you cannot locate it you may try using WA15 9SP which was the post code when the building was Hogans. Alternatively search for Piccolino's restaurant in Hale and we are located behind it.

The building is located in a public car park and Starlight is on the first floor.

Information for visitors to either/both clinics

Kindly enter the clinic to advise us of your arrival and depending on the circumstances and the timing on the day, you may be asked to complete your paperwork in our waiting area or the scan room or you may be asked to wait in your vehicle or outside to maintain social distancing and to ensure additional cleaning takes place between appointments. 

If you are asked to wait outside or in your vehicle please stay close by and have your mobile phone to hand. You may not be let in until the last person has left and the area is clean. If waiting outside please remember social distancing and give enough space to people exiting the clinic.

On entry you will be asked to use Hand Sanitiser even if you have just used your own previously or before entering.

Our boutique is open to anyone attending an appointment and remains open to the general public but we will continue to limit the number of people on the premises at any one time.

Currently we have no limit on the number of people attending an appointment however we ask all customers to be sensible and considerate to other clinic users. It is advised to minimise the number of different people, households or bubbles accompanying you. Anyone feeling unwell or displaying any symptoms should take a lateral flow test and even if negative should avoid coming as any infection would jeopardise the health of other people.

Whilst we will attempt to keep to your appointment time there may be occasions when we run over but please note this will be as a result of us doing our best to keep you and our staff safe so please be understanding.

As a large number of our customers are pregnant women, please understand there can often be pregnancy complications and difficult circumstances that might not be apparent to bystanders and most days we have to fit in urgent scans. This may also cause a delay to subsequent appointments but regardless of any timings we never want to rush anyone’s appointment.

If you wish to avoid further contact by paying by card over the phone for your appointment or any other product or service please call 01612601400 at any time before your appointment.

Despite the ending of any legal requirements, guidelines or otherwise to isolate or quarantine due to health, travel or contact with others, we expect all users to adopt a common sense approach not to risk the health of other people using our services.

If you need to rearrange your appointment you may do so by clicking on the link of your confirmation text or email or by contacting us by phone or email.

Kindly also note the use of our toilet is restricted to patients who have had to attend with a full bladder, and with the interests of hygiene and infection control we ask partners, children or other visitors not to use the toilet at this time.