Fertility Scans at Starlight

Starlight works with several fertility clinics and looks after many individuals undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and fertility treatment.

We can share reports and findings with clinics in the UK and abroad the same day you come in for a scan and you don't need a referral letter or even to be under the care of fertility clinic to book an ultrasound scan appointment.

For those due to commence IVF treatment, a baseline ultrasound scan is carried out to assess and evaluate the ovaries, uterus and pelvic organs to determine if it is an appropriate or optimum time to start the first phase of treatment.

It is a crucial part in helping the fertility care providers decide on how to proceed.

This scan includes measurements and observations of the endometrial thickness of the uterus, which determines how receptive the womb will be to implant an embryo.

Measurements and observations of the ovaries and follicles are also recorded at this stage.

At this scan the sonographer is also checking for any issues that might affect fertility such as ovarian cysts and any other factors that could impact the pregnancy.

A follicle tracking scan is usually carried out a few days later and subsequent scans may be repeated regularly thereafter to assess the growth of the follicles and check whether the endometrium is thickening up.

Starlight Ultrasound is able to offer baseline scans, follicle tracking scans and any progress scans along the way to provide reassurance and/or updates to expectant parents and the care providers they are under.

Hormone, fertility- and pregnancy-related blood tests are also available when requested by a doctor or other appropriate healthcare professional.

For any advice on what type of scan you require, including a baseline scan, or for any services or for guidance on choosing a fertility clinic expert, please contact us.