Scan FAQ

Can I buy extra items such as scan prints, balloons, Heartbeat Bears and confetti cannons?

Yes of course! If your scan package doesn’t include any item and/or you or any of your friends and family wish to buy extra scan prints, the digital pack, gender reveal balloons, confetti cannons and/or Heartbeat Bears they can do so. Nothing needs pre-ordering and everything is available on the day. 

We do not usually accept changes to our packages but upgrades (for example large cannon or heartbeat bear) and additions (extra items) are allowed.

The deluxe gender reveal balloon is also available on the day but if you are not doing your reveal the same day, we can arrange for you to come and collect it on the day of your reveal as the helium will not last overnight.

Here are prices for optional extras


Why is the pricing different for the same services between Hale and Bury clinics?

When we opened our Hale clinic the pricing for all services was the same at both clinic locations. However the reality is the base costs comprising rent, rates and utilities for the Hale clinic are more than double those in Bury and it is not sustainable to maintain a professional, safe clinic without charging slightly more for the same services at the Hale clinic. People are free to attend either and/or both clinics as they see fit based on price, availability, staff member preference or otherwise.