Pregnancy Scans

Specialising in same-day and next-day urgent reassurance scans.

Performed by Clinical Specialist Sonographer & Registered Midwife so all scans are medical / diagnostic.

Pay As You Go Pregnancy Scans

Pregnancy Dating Scan (£70)

This scan includes reassurance and viability by way of confirmation of pregnancy, presence of heartbeat, number of fetus and estimated due date using crown-rump length.


2 x 2D black & white scan pictures and fetal measurements.


Fetal Anomaly / Anatomy (20-week) scan (£120)

This scan is available from 18 to 22 weeks (ideally 18 to 20 weeks + 6 days) and allows the midwife-sonographer to check the physical development of your baby, although it cannot pick up every condition.

It includes fetal growth measurements and assesses baby for eleven rare congenital conditions and malformations. It assesses the placental site. You can also view baby in 4D (and optionally find out the baby’s gender).  Also includes 2 x 2D black and white scan prints.

This is the same as your NHS 20-week scan. 

*Extra £25 for multiple pregnancy. 


Antenatal Check & Scan (£130)

An antenatal check with a Registered Midwife to include blood pressure, urine check, bump measurements along with an ultrasound scan and black and white scan prints.

£20 surcharge for twins.


Reassurance scan (£70)

This scan is available any gestation from 14 weeks and includes reassurance and viability by viewing baby and hearing the fetal heartbeat, a liquor volume and doppler assessment plus growth measurements of baby.   

Optional gender determination is available from this scan.

Scan includes 2 x 2D black & white scan prints.


Mini-Reassurance scan (£60)

Only available up to 14 weeks when you have already attended an early pregnancy scan at Starlight for the same pregnancy and don’t require a written report – otherwise you must book and/or will be changed to early pregnancy or reassurance scan.

Includes 2 x black & white scan prints.


Presentation scan (£70)

This scan, which is available from 34 weeks, checks on the well-being and presentation of the fetus, includes Doppler and liquor volume and growth measurements and allows you to hear your baby’s heart beat. You will receive a copy of the report as well as 2 x 2D scan prints.


Growth scan (£70)

This scan is to check on fetal well-being, hear your baby’s heartbeat and includes fetal growth measurement providing an estimated fetal weight, doppler and liquor volume, presentation. You will receive a copy of the measurements / report as well as 2 x 2D scan prints.


NIPT – Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (from £395)

Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) uses cell-free DNA (cfDNA) derived from the pregnancy to evaluate possible chromosomal conditions in a pregnancy. NIPT is a prenatal chromosomal screening test that can be performed as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy using a single blood draw.  

We offer the Harmony NIPT and the IONA Test and can offer a complimentary courier service to take your sample directly to the UK-based laboratory for speedier turnaround which is usually 5 working days. Call to discuss or book an appointment.

Service includes blood test and ultrasound scan along with scan prints.


Wellbeing Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan (£70)

A standard wellbeing check on you and your baby available from 14 weeks where gender can also be determined, if required but we can keep it a secret whether you plan on a gender reveal or not. Gender reveal items are available on the day of your scan.

It is primarily to provide reassurance by assessing the viability and wellbeing of your baby and hearing the heartbeat but this may be an option if you just wish to book a scan and there is no specific reason such as gender or reassurance.

You will receive two scan photos with this scan.


Midwife Fetal Doppler Antenatal Reassurance (£30)

At any point during your pregnancy from 16 weeks for reassurance you can arrange for Laura who is a midwife & clinical specialist sonographer to listen in to the fetal heart with a handheld Doppler.


Cervical Length Scan (£70)

This may be suitable for women with history of cervical surgery and/or late miscarriage, to obtain a clear view of the cervix assessing for signs of funnelling and measures the length of the cervix to assess for signs of cervical incompetence. Includes fetal wellbeing check and seeing baby's heartbeat as well as 2 x scan prints.


Blood Tests

We offer a range of fertility and pregnancy related blood tests with a complimentary courier service taking samples directly to the lab for faster turnaround. Please confirm which bloods you require prior to attending the appointment.

These may include Full Blood Count, hormones and the Beta HCG.