New 48-Hour Early Gender DNA Blood Test

The Fastest Early Gender Blood Test 

In addition to offering gender determination scans from 13 weeks, we've been offering the SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender Blood Test for some time and because samples are sent to America, the results take 4-7 working days.

Starlight can now offer an even faster service with accurate blood test results confirming gender from 6 weeks into pregnancy in 48 hours. On some occasions it might even be possible to receive them the very next day.

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The same science and technology determines the gender via a blood test but because we now have access to a UK lab to provide the results, it means a much faster turnaround.

For samples received before 11am the following day, the results should be available the same day so it is dependent on the postal service delivering the sample. They are sent via a 24-hour tracked service so there is a good chance of next-day results but otherwise it will be 48 hours later.

The blood test is available for £150 or with an early pregnancy scan for £225. An early pregnancy scan can confirm a pregnancy is at least six weeks as tests performed earlier than that can may generate inaccurate or inconclusive results.

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A simple blood draw is all that is required and the sample is sent by 24 hour tracked Royal Mail postage to a UK lab where it is tested.

For samples received by 11am the next day, the results are emailed the same day. After that time, the results will usually be available the following day.