Fertility Scans

No referral necessary, instant feedback and written reports provided the same day. Scans performed by a Clinical Specialist Sonographer.

Fertility Scan (£70)

This pre-conception scan assesses the health of the uterus, ovaries, lining of the womb and presence of follicles, as well as looking for polyps, cysts, fibroids and polycystic ovaries.

Can assess and estimate ovulation depending on stage of cycle at time of scan (optimum time for scan is mid-cycle). Evaluates the wellbeing of uterus and ovaries prior to conception. 

Written report provided within 24 hours of appointment if requested.  


Baseline Scan (£70)

A baseline scan is to assess and evaluate the ovaries, uterus and pelvic organs to determine if it is an appropriate time to start the first phase of IVF treatment.

A follicle tracking scan is usually carried out a few days later and then the scans are usually repeated regularly thereafter.


Follicle Tracking Scan (£70)

This measures the size of any active follicles in the ovaries that may contain an egg. Useful to predict when and if ovulation may occur in order to increase chances of conception.

Plus an assessment of uterus, ovaries and lining of the womb. Written report provided within 24 hours of appointment. 


Blood Tests

We offer a range of fertility and pregnancy related blood tests with a complimentary courier service taking samples directly to the lab for faster turnaround. Please confirm which bloods you require prior to attending the appointment.

These may include Full Blood Count, hormones and the Beta HCG.