Heartbeat Bears at Starlight

Heartbeat Bears

One of the most searched for terms on our website is heartbeat bears which are lovely keepsake teddies designed to keep a recording of baby's heartbeat.

Each teddy comes with a recordable device that plays 20 seconds of your baby's heartbeat which is recorded by the sonographer using the ultrasound probe.

Blue & Pink Heartbeat Bears

Once it is saved, the device is locked to prevent the heartbeat being recorded over and then the device is placed inside the special compartment of the teddy.
The heartbeat is saved on our ultrasound machine for a limited period of time so we recommend you save your own recording of the device on your mobile phone so you have a back-up in case the teddy is lost or thee device is broken for any reason.


Neutral Heartbeat Bears

Heartbeat bears are included in some of our gender reveal and 5D bonding scan packages, they are also available to purchase at any scan appointment from 10 weeks or even without a scan appointment at Starlight.
They are usually always in stock and available to buy on the day so you don't need to pre-order or decide in advance of your appointment. This applies to any of these extra items available from Starlight.




The range changes due to supplier availability but we always have two sizes and a choice of gender neutral teddies as well as some that are pink or blue.


Bunny Heartbeat Bears

If you are getting one as part of a gender reveal, you can either pick a gender neutral teddy or you can choose your preference depending on whether baby is a boy or a girl and we can put it in a Surprise Box so you still get the one you want without anyone having to find out before your reveal.









 Grey Heartbeat Bears

The "small" heartbeat bears are 8" and cost £25 and the "large" ones are 16" costing £30. There are also some medium-sized 10" teddies.

Where a small heartbeat bear is included in a package, you can pay the extra £5 to upgrade to a larger one.







Heartbeat bears make lovely keepsakes and can help older siblings-to-be feel included ahead of a new arrival.

They are useful gifts for occasions such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas and Valentine's Day.

You can even book a heartbeat bear appointment without a scan here.