How does a gender reveal work?

As so many of you tell our reception staff the moment you arrive that you want to keep your baby's gender a secret, we thought we would explain how gender reveal scans work at Starlight.

For starters we can determine gender at any pregnancy scan from 13 weeks accurately and reliably (and yes that includes being only 13 weeks on the day). You don't have to book a gender scan or package to find out though as it can be included in any pregnancy scan at any gestation so even at a 4d/5d scan or growth scan at no extra cost.

Some people like to find out there and then at the appointment, others prefer to find out in front of friends and family.

At Starlight, only the sonographer performing the scan will know the gender of baby and both for confidentiality purposes and to avoid ruining any surprises we don't risk any other staff members being informed.

For those who wish to keep it a secret until a later time, the sonographer will ask those present at the scan to look away at certain times so nothing can be seen on the screen.

We stock a wide range of gender reveal items such as scratch cards, smoke and confetti cannons as well as balloons all of which are available on the day of the scan and don't need pre-ordering.

The confetti and smoke-bomb cannons are pre-made so you will be given the correct ones to take away and nothing that can give away the gender will be visible from the outside.

The black balloons are made up by the sonographer and are filled with either confetti (small ones) or confetti, feathers and helium (large deluxe) with the right colours that are not visible from the outside.

If you are having the large deluxe balloon and the gender reveal is being done on another day we advise coming back to collect the balloon as the helium may not last that long.

We usually provide a sealed envelope with a card and scan print confirming the gender so if anyone is arranging a party, a cake or other gender reveal celebration, you can give that to them. 

You will also be advised not to check any digital images you may have from us until AFTER the reveal as it may be possible to identify baby's gender from them. But any scan prints we give you will be safe to look at without giving anything away.

Some people want to buy something from our boutique and whilst there is a selection of gender neutral clothes available, some people choose items for both scenarios and we can wrap the correct ones up so they can buy them and still keep the gender a surprise.

The same goes for our range of Heartbeat Bears which can be put in a surprise box or bag to keep it hidden until it is opened up.

Once you have left the appointment with any gender reveal items you are free to find out in your own way. All we ask is if you are capturing and sharing the moment on social media just to tag us in so we can join in!

You can see our gender scan packages and book in here.