Please pregnant women, do your research!

A Review Encouraging Pregnant Women to Check Out Scan Clinics before booking

One recent customer provided this feedback calling for pregnant women to look into the places where they are booking private scans - in terms of the experience and qualifications of the staff and also the reviews.

Well, what can I say - after visiting a previous private scan clinic in Chorley and having a bad experience, I was apprehensive about my 5d scan I booked in here.

I was 12 weeks post-op from a cyst & ovary removal and I knew the scan wouldn’t be easy as it would have to go over my scar.

When I had my scan here, I was 30 weeks pregnant. Laura was very professional; she is a midwife and was able to answer questions and was very knowledgeable about my personal issues regarding my pregnancy.

Although I wasn’t able to view much of the scan due to being in pain from my scar, all the images were sent digitally to me afterwards.

Fantastic experience I felt quite emotional leaving and wish I had visited this clinic first not the one in Chorley!!

Please pregnant women, do your research. Visit places like here who have midwives as professionals who can give you honest and reliable advice and not just someone who can scan you. Highly recommend. Thank you!!
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